Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yesterday my sweet baby girls got her tonsils and adenoids out and got tubes put in her ears. She has had trouble breathing while sleeping for several years. This has not been scary since the other kids all had the same issue. She snores and wakes up several times a night because she can't breathe well. This last year she has started having trouble with her ears. She has had 7 ear infections. The last time I took her in the doctors really encouraged me to take her in to an ENT. I took her to Dr. Chapel and he did surgery on all the other kids. He tested her hearing and it was decreased. It is probably since she had fluid behind her ears. He said that the tonsils and adenoid definitely needed to come out. The plan was to take a look at her ears the day of surgery.

We got to the surgery center at 7am ready for the big day. While they were checking her in her oxygen level was a little low. It was registering 92%. She had been sick this last weekend so this could of been the cause. She also had a cough. The Dr. listened to her lungs and they sounded good so they proceeded with the surgery. The surgery only lasted for about 45minutes. When Dr. Chapel came out he said that her ears were very infected. They also suctioned out her lungs. They were also infected. He said it looked like she had been sick for a while and her lungs were very junky. When I went back she was eating a Popsicle and being such a good girl. Her oxygen levels were still low so they gave her 3 breathing treatments. They were as low as 85%. The Dr. wanted it steady at 91% before we could go. We ended up staying a couple of hours. Briauna was such a trooper. It was funny to see when she really started waking up. She started noticing things and asked the nurse a lot of questions.

This have been good so far. She hasn't complained about much pain. She is on antibiotics, steroids, breathing treatments, ear drops, and pain meds. Hopefully all this will help her feel better. I can only imagine how much better she will be now that she can breathe and not have constant ear pain.

Here she is ready to go in.

This is right after I went back to see her.
Getting a breathing treatment.

Hanging out with her stuffed pig.

This is were me and Briauna has been since Wednesday.

Hanging with dad. She is getting a little spoiled.

Lots of snuggling time.

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Grandma Carla said...

So glad that is behind you all now. She was so brave. Hopefully, only a healthy girl now!!