Sunday, January 3, 2016


It's a new year again and I haven't posted. Lately John and I have been talking about family history and the desire to get that started. This also has me thinking about my own history. I love memories but yet I have neglected in keeping them. Facebook helps and is quick so I guess that has prevented writing in a journal. I just got the Blogger app so I am temping to start using it to keep my family memories alive. I know life is short I want to remember all I can. The title of this post is trains. Pamela loves trains. I am so happy I kept Lance's old wooden train set. She loves it. For Christmas we got her a princess train to go with the wooden set. Her response was priceless when she opened it up.  She squeeled and excitedly said," a train,a train." It was so fun. It was definitely the best gift in her eyes. Yesterday we went shopping and found a train set for her that we used the money from grandpa Gary and aunt Theresa. She loves it. It teaches letters, colors,etc. She is girly and loves babies and dressing up with sisters but she loves her trains. 

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